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Putting Green Installation: How to Hire the Best Installer

Putting Green Installation: How to Hire the Best Installer

It is recommended that you really take your time when hiring a contractor to work on your putting green installation project. Installing a putting green could be quite complex for some homeowners, therefore it makes sense to hire a professional installer to get the job done.

Ask friends and family if they have a recommendation that you can contact. Do your research diligently.

The best way to avoid a bad experience when hiring a putting green installer is to know the warning signs. If you take a proactive approach when searching and hiring a contractor, you should not be disappointed at the end.

One tip that is the most important is this: hire a contractor that is licensed and insured.

Hiring a licensed putting green installation company will ensure that your project will be completed on time and within your budget. Here are a few other tips and recommendations for hiring the best putting green installer for your project:

Know what you want

Know what you want to achieve before you start calling a list of contractors. A good contractor can guide you from start to finish but as the homeowner, you must tell them what you have in mind.

Start your project by searching what type of putting green you’d like to purchase. You can ask several companies for suggestions but make sure you also understand the advantages and disadvantages of each putting green type.

Check their past putting green installation work

A good putting green installation company should have pictures of their projects. By looking at their work in the past, you should be able to tell if the company is capable to do your project or not.

If you want to take a step further, ask permission if you could contact their clients to confirm the company’s claim. A good company should not have any problem giving you a client’s name or two to be contacted.

Review their license and insurance

Make sure you only work with a licensed and insured putting green contractor so you are not liable if something goes wrong or someone gets injured during your project.

You don’t want to be monetarily responsible for any damage or accidents caused by the contractor.

Ask about the putting green installation cost

Get as much information as you can about the total cost before hiring anyone. A good contractor or company will give you a detailed break down of the project cost. Make sure everything is within your budget.

Another tip is to throw out the “low-ball” bids. These companies are probably cutting corners.

Ask about the warranty

Reputable putting green installation companies usually offer some kind of warranty to protect your putting green investment. You should understand the warranty they’re offering so that any future problems or defects could be addressed at no cost or a discounted price.

Overall, you need to be aware of how to deal with service issues.

Interview potential candidates

You should, at the very least, interview several contractors before hiring. It is even better if you could meet them in person and ask questions about their experience, ideas, and more.

Most companies will offer free consultation before starting a project. Use the opportunity to really get to know them and find out their expertise. Does it match your project goal?

Get a clear timeline

Make sure you know how long the project is going to take. A professional putting green installer should have the experience, skill, and manpower to do the job and give you a definite timeline on when they can finish the project.

When interviewing past clients, ask about if the company finished their projects on time. This is a good tip to really hire a responsible putting green installation company.

Review their proposals

Once you have done the steps above, it is time to review proposals from the contractors you contacted. Make sure you read the contract carefully before making a decision.

Get everything in writing. Don’t hire anyone before getting an estimate in writing. Hire the one company that you feel most comfortable with and be appreciative to the other companies that have spent time to write a written proposal.

Make sure you stay within budget

It is easy to go over budget when doing a home improvement project. Make sure you are clear about your budget and cost from start to finish. A good putting green installation contractor will always be transparent about the cost of your project.

Staying within budget also means you are aware of your payment schedule. Working out a payment schedule ahead of time is crucial before hiring anyone.

Ask about maintenance

Most artificial putting green products require little or no maintenance work. However, make sure you ask the contractor about how to maintain your putting green. The worst thing that could happen is you being totally careless about your investment.

Maintaining your putting green is the best way to ensure you get what your money is worth.


Installing a backyard putting green is somewhat considered a home improvement project. Having a plan is crucial when you are thinking about doing any project at home. It is wise to hire a professional who knows how to do your project from start to finish.

Hiring a putting green installer doesn’t have to be complicated. Having said that, you must take the hiring process seriously. An important factor when hiring a putting green installation contractor is how well you communicate with him or her?

Follow the above tips when hiring a putting green installer and you will avoid making significant mistakes that will cost you time and money.

Putting Green

Putting Green Turf Complete Guide for Beginners

Putting Green Turf Complete Guide for Beginners

If you are seriously thinking about improving your golf game, you might want to install putting green turf in your backyard to challenge and practice your game in the comfort of your own home. Not only does it improve your game, having synthetic putting green turf also has more benefits than you think.

This is due to its cost-effectiveness, aesthetic value, customizable ability and more. Therefore artificial or synthetic turf is a much better choice when building your own practice green at home.

There are different types of artificial turf used for putting green and each provides different performances based on their quality. Carpet-based or low-quality artificial putting green will not resemble the texture of real grass.

To get the most out of your putting green, you must install high-quality putting green that simulates real grass and produces proper ball roll as if you were playing at a country club.

It is important to understand the characteristics of different materials to create the putting green that meets your needs and is suitable for your skill level.

This post explains putting green turf as well as their characteristics so that you can make a well-informed decision when buying your own DIY putting green kit.

Why you should use synthetic putting green turf?

Artificial or synthetic putting green turf is superior to real grass because synthetic turf is greener throughout the year and requires no soil, irrigation nor fertilizer, therefore it will save you time and money.

Most synthetic turf requires little to no maintenance. Please keep in mind, synthetic turf for putting green is different than the normal synthetic turf used for your lawn.

Common materials of artificial putting green

There are different types, styles and designs of artificial grass to choose from and each type of grass performs differently. Polypropylene and nylon are the most popular types of artificial putting green available on the market today. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, which is why both types still exist in the market today.

Nylon turf: Nylon synthetic turf has better quality than polypropylene turf. It requires less maintenance and needs no infill for the grass because it can stand up by its own.

The disadvantage, however, nylon turf is more expensive because of the extra step in the production process to heat up the turf material. The nylon synthetic turf is also not recommended for shots beyond 30 yards because the ball would bounce uncontrollably unless you hit a perfect shot or have a great backspin on the ball.

Polypropylene turf: Polypropylene turf is less dense, therefore you will need an infill to make the grass stand up. This type of turf requires more maintenance than nylon turf because the grass will lay down in one direction much like a used carpet. To fix this problem, you need to maintain the turf by rolling its grass using a putting green roller.

The polypropylene turf is great for shots from any distance because it has an infill to hold the golf ball very well. The more sand infill you have the better your putting green absorbs golf balls from longer distance. This turf is cheaper and more popular than nylon turf.

Different types of synthetic putting green turf

Synthetic putting green turf comes with different types of surface that could affect the movement of the ball. For practice putting green, the artificial grass with bent grass style and short blades is preferred by amateurs and professionals because the style resembles the natural grass used for top golf courses. The blades are trimmed off along the top to resemble real grass that is trimmed using a lawn mower.

Fringe grass is taller, straighter, and usually installed around your green to let you practice both chipping and putting. This could be used to improve your golf game significantly and give your private backyard putting green a real golf course look.

Putting green infill impacts performance

Infill is the material that helps maintain resilience and keeps the grass blades upright. The types of infill material can affect ball speed, bouncability, and control for different strokes. One of the most common infill material used is sand or a sand mixture that gives your practice green excellent cushion and stability just like real grass.

Face weight

Knowing your synthetic turf face weight is very important when you’re buying artificial putting green for your home or office. Face weight is the amount of material used per square yard in synthetic grass.

High face weight means high quality putting green that lasts longer. The optimal face weight for putting green is approximately 40 to 60 ounces.

Pile height

Pile height is simply the height of your grass blades. It is important to know because good synthetic putting green usually has a short pile height number. The reason is because you want your ball to roll like it normally would on the golf course.

Having a high pile height is like golfing in tall grass. Most synthetic putting greens usually are ½ inch to ¾ inch thick.

Stimp rating

The stimp rating is a number that will tell you how fast a golf ball rolls on a putting green surface. The lower the stimp rating, the slower the ball will roll and vice versa. This number can vary based on how the turf is installed.

A good stimp rating for putting green is between 9 and 11. You could manipulate and adjust this number to your liking by rolling (brushing) the turf to lower the rating or adding more infill to increase the rating.

Installing your own synthetic putting green

DIY putting green kits are available for homeowners who want to install a putting green themselves. Buying a DIY putting green kit will save you money because you won’t need a professional help. Most kits come with all the necessary tools and instructions on how to build your own putting green.

If you need any help or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are the expert in putting greens.

Professional putting green installation

If you choose to get professional help when installing your synthetic putting green, we can help you too. Go to our city page or installation page to get connected with an experienced and reputable company in your local area.

Hiring a professional crew to install your putting green will make sure you get the highest quality work. This is very important to properly stretch the turf to avoid ridges, visible seams, or any other imperfection in the future. For example, the turf can shrink or expand as its conditions change. This could greatly impact the ball movement.

With the advice and installation service offered by professionals at, you can be sure of getting consistent play quality and maximum lifespan from your synthetic putting green turf.

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Outdoor Putting Green Cost and Benefits

Outdoor Putting Green Cost and Benefits

The short game can be the hardest part of golf. Even professionals struggle with putting and short strokes. There are many benefits of having your own outdoor putting green.

No more waiting in traffic to get to the golf course, paying just to practice your short game, or having to schedule your time based on course availability.

Outdoor putting greens are more affordable when you compare how much money is spent in travel, cart and caddy fees, membership dues, and time away from the family.

They also add value to your home. Here are a few of the benefits of including an outdoor putting green with your next landscaping project.

Outdoor Putting Green Benefits


You are able to completely customize your outdoor putting green to accommodate all of your needs and preferences.

The putting green adds a unique element to the landscaping increasing the beauty of your home. You can choose from single hole designs to multiple hole designs.

Choose your own contour grass color, and your design can even include sand traps.

You may wish to have a long and narrow green to work on the longer putts, or a more challenging incline. The possibilities are limitless.

Easily Maintained

The use of synthetic grass gives you a luscious green color that blends well with your natural grass and eliminates the need for mowing and using harmful chemicals to keep the pests under control.

Artificial outdoor putting greens are weather resistant and extremely durable. Real grass erodes with time, while synthetic grass will prevent holes and dips.

You would save on water as well. Real grass need to be watered sometimes twice a day.

The money saved in maintenance alone makes using artificial grass the best choice for your outdoor putting green.

Improve Your Game

Having an artificial outdoor putting green allows you to practice year-round to improve your skills.

Choosing the design to challenge yourself gives you the opportunity to master the short game and impress everyone the next time you hit the links.

No more wasted time getting ready to go to practice, simply walk out into your own backyard.

Putting Green Playground

Family Fun

An outdoor putting green is great for the whole family. Golf is an activity that everyone can enjoy.

Teaching your kids golf techniques and skills can be a wonderful bonding experience.

You can create different games and competitions to make things fun.

Having a hobby the whole family can love will lead to life long memories you will cherish forever.

Staying Healthy

Having an outdoor putting green will increase your physical activity, which has several health benefits.

It will help you to burn calories, soak in some sun to increase your vitamin D and can even help overcome seasonal depression.

Anytime kids are able to step away from their electronic devices and engage in a physical activity such as golf, decreases the likelihood of childhood obesity.

You are more likely to stay active when all you have to do is step outside the backdoor as opposed to going to a gym or even a golf course.

DIY Outdoor Putting Green Kits

There are several benefits to installing your own outdoor putting green. One of these is being able to select the dimensions that fit your needs. You can visually align your putting green with your natural landscaping.

Remember to take into consideration where players enter and exit the putting area based on the distance of the practice space to your house.

There are a variety of kits. The smaller kits are from 180-350 square feet or 450-800 square feet.


Other kits can cover 540 up to 5,000 square feet, so there is an option that is right for any yard.

There is even an option to install a hole in a body of water to increase the difficulty. The shapes of the putting greens range from a simple oval to more complex shapes.

Each DIY outdoor putting green kit comes with leveling tools, diagrams to cut the turf, an assembly diagram, and of course the turf, cups, and flags.

They also come with interactive support through video chat should you have any questions.

You can use rock to create a border around the area, or even include a retaining wall with plants and flowers to add color.

The putting green you choose can truly reflect your own personal style and fit in with your home décor.


Outdoor Putting Green Cost

The cost of having your own outdoor putting green installed by professionals still involves planning, time, and frustration.

The difference in doing installation yourself undoubtedly reduces overall costs in labor. Do you want to pay an excessive rate for a project that could easily be out of your control?

Ultimately, a bid might be significantly less than the final bill after the putting green is finished. That is why it is imperative to seriously consider taking as much initiative in the project as possible. Your goal may be to become hands on.

If you like activities involving your hands (you probably do because you enjoy practicing putting), then placing careful thought toward self installation is a reasonable course of action.

Speaking of course, the point is to spend less money and time with frustrating bills by completing the installation process independently. Why use someone’s facility when you could easily be using your own?

Our DIY Putting Green Kits are designed to save you time and money.



There are many benefits to having your own outdoor putting green at home. Furthermore, you can buy pre-made DIY putting green kits and save a lot of money on installation. Get your kits from our store now and start improving your golf game today!

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Backyard Putting Green Guide

Backyard Putting Green Guide

Owning a backyard putting green has countless benefits for both avid golfers and beginners It will change your game drastically and allow you to have fun at the same time.

However, you don’t have to be a pro golfer to appreciate the experience of owning your own artificial putting green at home. If you thought a BBQ brought the neighbors over, wait until you’re having weekly putting shoot outs with friends and family.

Nothing brings people closer than fun outdoor activities. Now that the fun of professional putting can be brought to your back doorstep, everyone can enjoy the fun and challenge of a professional putting green.

Synthetic outdoor putting greens can be as simple as a small poolside putting green, to massive scale re-creations of PGA tour putting greens including water hazards and sand traps.

PuttingGreen can design and build anything you desire, big, small, and anywhere in between.

Check out our DIY Putting Green Kits.

Here are some of our putting green work:

Backyard Putting Green Examples

Putting Green Experts

The beauty of a putting green without a border is the flawless transition into the rest of the lawn area. In this installation option, the putting area expands into pre-existing grass. This style is sought after by homeowners who have ample open space and prefer larger sections of grass rather than sections of rock or mulch.

backyard putting green images

There are many elements which can be incorporated into the design of the putting green. Stone paths or even flower gardens are just a few of the landscape options; there is no limit to the possibilities. If this is the kind of space you enjoy, then there are several types of bordered putting areas that may be help you achieve the yard you have always dreamed of. Keep in mind you can select the option that best fits both your athletic and aesthetic needs.

custom backyard putting green

Even if your installation area has a large tree, or sizable air conditioning unit. There is a putting green design available that will make your space appear more open and inviting.

custom putting green images

You may want to install a green to improve your putts on an incline, flat surface, or even a sand trap or water hazard. Whatever specific skill you wish to sharpen, it can be achieved faster when you are able to practice in your own backyard.

Buy Custom Backyard Putting Green

Custom golf green

A backyard putting green can form an appealing centerpiece as it does in the corner of this waterfront property. No matter how unique the layout, installing a green will add something special to your living space.

Custom backyard putting green

You may want a green very near house or perhaps you would like your practice area installed behind some trees where it is not even visible from your back porch. There are several options to choose from. Any design you select will be thoughtfully built for maximum visual appeal and practicality according to your personal preference.

The golfing area is designed to enhance the beauty of your lawn. Proper installation will help prevent erosion thereby preserving the integrity of the yard you are already maintaining.

DIY Custom Putting Green

Imagine the extra hours of practice without the hassle of traveling to the golf course. With a backyard putting green, you are able to enjoy a reduction in membership cost and parking fees because you will be spending less time and money in transportation.

Plus you can practice more comfortably knowing you are within a few steps of your backdoor. Think of how your focus will be increased without the distractions of the sights and sounds of the golf course.

Putting Green Playground

Some people may want to have a putting green but fear there is too much taking up limited space in their backyard. This situation may actually be ideal for installing a putting green because the area contains too little space to appear artistic with merely a small open patch of grass. Instead, fill the space by adding a putting green!

Custom DIY Putting Green

If you want to install a flat practice area for beginner golfers, a practice area for golf can visually enhance the corner of a lot. Furthermore, a putting green will add more visual balance to a small area than if the space were to remain unused.

You may want to capitalize on openness and expansion. Regardless of the type of yard you have, a backyard putting green can be installed to artistically blend with the style you prefer.

Custom Putting Green Mansion

Are you afraid you lack sufficient space for a putting green because your yard has a steep slope or series or retaining walls? Have no fear. As you can see, multiple designs incorporate such retain walls as a border for the green. Also, the retaining walls form flower beds for additional decoration.

DIY Putting Green Kits

Perhaps you think a backyard putting green would be a waste of money and time since your best practice is achieved on a real golf course. Rest assured that you can install a green to be as small or as large as you desire in order to thoroughly replicate authentic course details.

Backyard DIY Putting Green

Fences, whether wooden or metal, are a typical backyard feature. With proper planning and building, your putting green will capitalize on the imagery of your yard. Wooden fences form clearly defined corners. In this case the putting area can build upon the presence of a strong corner. A custom putting green is a great addition to your small inground pool.

Putting Green Installation

Installation is a process which will not disturb the rest of your yard while your backyard putting green is being built. Therefore, you can enjoy your yard while you watch the completion of your new addition.

DIY Backyard Putting Green Kits

Putting Green

Indoor Putting Green Benefits

Indoor Putting Green Benefits

Are you a golf enthusiast who is tired of paying to practice short games, waiting in the traffic to get to your golf course, spending hours controlling worm damages to your grass, fighting brown spots and maintaining your backyard lawn?

If yes, you probably need to turn to a low maintenance option, and what better, and more affordable option would you turn to other than the Indoor Putting Green?

The artificial indoor golf putting green is made of synthetic fibers and can be used in place of the naturally growing grass since it is durable and can retain its color throughout the year. If you have not yet installed this great piece in your home, you are really missing out!

The indoor putting green will not only transform the look and feel of your home, but will also give you the chance to practice and enjoy your golf game in any kind of season or weather, and in the comfort of your own home.
But if you are still wondering why you should add the indoor putting green in your home, its benefits shared below might be able to change your mind.

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The Benefits of Having an Indoor Putting Green

Highly customizable

You can customize an indoor putting green based on your preferences to accommodate all your needs. You can choose the design and contour grass color that most appeal to you.

You can also choose from multiple hole designs to single hole designs and even include any other features that you like or select a design that challenges you to master the game. The possibilities are simply endless.

An indoor putting green is also great for offices and other business rooms.

Image from Houzz

Not affected by weather

No sunshine, no rain, no irrigation, no problem! With the indoor putting green installed in your home, you no longer have to worry about watering the grass to retain their color and keep them functional nor worry about playing in the rain or in the snow.

You can play or practice whenever you like, in the comfort of your home and in any weather condition without having to book, cancel a reserved spot at a club, or cancel your golf schedule just because there is a foot of snow on the ground.

Cost-effective and easy to maintain

Maintaining natural grass is not an easy task. Not only would you have to water the grasses regularly, spend money on fertilizers and chemicals to control pests, but you would also have to spend a considerable amount of time mowing down the grasses.

Sure, you have to maintain your indoor putting green when you get one, but this is less strenuous and expensive.

The money you would save while using an indoor putting green makes it one of the best choices you can make. Indoor putting greens are extremely durable and would save you the cost of buying harmful chemicals to control the pests, as well as mowing, fertilizing and watering natural grasses.

You would also save on the time and money spent on traveling to get a golf course, membership dues, and cart and caddy fees.

Now, with our DIY Putting Green Kits, you can save even more time and money.


Provides an avenue to practice and improve your golf game

Whether you are just learning to play golf or you are a golfer who cannot go a week without getting up to 20 holes in, an indoor putting green is a great tool to practice and improve your short game. With an indoor putting green, you will be able to practice your golf game year-round at your own convenient time and improve your skills.

You would have all the time and comfort to perfect your swing, and footwork and impress your friends the next time you hit the links. You no longer have to waste time waiting in the traffic trying to get to a reserved spot at a country club or trek a long distance to get to practice, just walk into your indoor gold training aid.

Improves the value of your home

Indoor putting green has a great visual appearance that can help to transform the look and feel of your home. Not only does it give off your sense of style and fashion, but also reveals that you are interesting and wealthy. Apart from the avenue it provides for you to exercise your body and stay fit, it also has a significant impact on the value of your home, which means a higher ROI should you decide to sell your house.

Friends and family fun

If you want to impress and entertain your friends and guests, an indoor putting green is a great way to do so. It is also a great way to bond with your family and kids, whether you are teaching them golf techniques or just having fun. Golf is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone. It can create a hobby that your whole family members can love, thus, giving you lifelong memories that you will forever cherish.

It is a great way to exercise your body

An indoor putting green helps to improve physical activity, thus, providing a great way to exercise your body which comes with a lot of health benefits. Not only will it help you to burn calories and reduce fat, but will also help to improve your overall health and keep seasonal depression at bay.

Since golfing can be a highly enjoyable game, you are more likely to engage in it and stay active when you have an indoor putting green in your home or office as opposed to going on a golf course or visiting the gym. It can also help to reduce the likelihood of childhood obesity since it will allow your kids to step away from video games and other electronic devices to engage in physical activity.


Now that you know the importance of an indoor putting green, the next thing to do is to install it in your home to enjoy its great benefits. However, it is important to have your indoor putting green installed by a professional.

At, we have installed countless indoor putting greens at homes, schools, churches, and businesses. From simple and small to large and extravagant with multiple holes, flags, bunkers and driving cages. has installed it all inside! We have all it takes to complete the installation, timely and efficiently!

If you need more information about our indoor putting green installation services or have any question regarding indoor putting greens, feel free to contact us.

Alternatively, you can visit our DIY Putting Green Kits store to browse our DIY kit selections.

Putting Green

Google Maps Design and Estimation


Google Maps Design and Estimation

Let us design a custom putting green or other synthetic grass environment tailored specifically to your landscape. We use Google satellite imagery to construct detailed accurate designs that bring to life what you have dreamed of building. Not only are our designs highly detailed, they are also highly instructive on how to assemble your turf sections to get the best and most efficient use of your ordered turf. This makes your project cost considerably less as there is little to no waste. Our Google design service is only 20 cents per square foot of turf you intend to install.

Therefore if you want a 500 square foot custom putting green, the design would cost $100. Design payments can be made via PayPal, Credit Card, or Direct Bank Transfer. Designs are usually complete within 72 hours of payment being received, but can be completed faster upon special request. Along with your custom design we will also prepare a price quote for the synthetic turf needed to construct your project. We put all the information in your hands you will need to accurately estimate you projects total cost, as well as effort and time required to construct your DIY synthetic putting green.

Putting Green

Professional Installation Consultant

Professional Installation Consultant

When you decide to purchase your artificial turf through, you’re getting the best turf made in the industry with the best possible manufacturer’s warranty against fade or wear. Along with your turf and design purchase we offer DIY clients a special tool in constructing their DIY synthetic grass project.’s 24 hour professional turf installation consulting. Ask us anything at anytime, night or day. Our professionals will walk you through every step of your project making sure you have the knowledge and materials you need to construct your synthetic putting green or landscape properly. Professional instructional videos are also available to purchasers for difficult sections like trap drains and cup installation. We will make sure your project stays on track and we can usually solve any issues you face during construction. Only offers this service, and it makes all the difference in the world to have experienced input when assembling your putting green.

Putting Green

Professional Installation Team

Professional Installation Team

Is your dream green a bit more than you can take on by yourself? can travel to your location and construct your green quickly without you lifting a finger. We have professional synthetic grass installers across the country ready to make your dream come to life. Here at, we take great pride in the quality of putting green we construct for clients. We have installed putting greens next to pools and on the highest level PGA courses. We are endorsed by several PGA professional golfers and facility directors including the 2010 PGA professional of the year

Jon Zieske. has the tools, materials, equipment, and knowledge to make your dream synthetic putting green a reality in no time flat.”

Contact us today for a free quote.

Building a Putting Green at Home “Do It Yourself”

If you’re thinking of tackling it yourself, our “Do It Yourself” synthetic grass program may be the way for you. You provide the measurements and some photos, and we’ll provide you with step-by-step custom drawings and instructions. With our guidance, and your hard work, homeowners and landscapers alike will succeed in the professional installation of putting greens, playgrounds, play areas, or lawns. has developed an original “Do It Yourself” approach on how to build a putting green, which we learned during our years as backyard putting green and artificial grass installers. We have had evaluated its effectiveness and shown proven results that have withstood the test of time.

If you’re looking for tips & instructions on how to build commercial or residential putting greens with synthetic grass product, you’ve come to the right place! can supply everything you need to create your own one of a kind custom home putting green. Installation of a backyard putting green can take approximately 3 days for the first 500 Square Feet, plus an additional day for each additional 300 Square Feet area. Please know you should never attempt to build a putting green when the temperature is cooler than 50 degrees F.

If you are looking for a professional installer of commercial or home putting greens, feel free to visit our Home page or our Contact Us page and we can schedule you for a free installation estimate.

You can save almost 70% of the cost of an installed professional green by doing the installation yourself and getting the instructions, supplies, and equipment at wholesale cost from

Intro Level Greens

This is where DIY starts. Anyone who can use a shovel can build an intro level putting green, which are often smaller and simpler greens, yet still have pro-level stimp speeds for accurate putting practice. *Construction times are usually 1-3 days.

Advanced Level Greens

Experience a true putting green on your own property. Featuring multiple holes, chipping fringe, and sand-filled fibers that allow the acceptance of long chips to the green. *Moderate construction skills required.

Pro Level Greens

The top of the line! Large scale, complex undulation, chipping areas, sand traps, custom flags, driving cages, and bunkers. The works! We can help you build a golfing paradise on your own property. *Advanced construction skill required. Read about it on our Putting Green Blog.

After reading through the Installation Procedure, if you’d prefer to have one of our Professional Installers come out, please visit our Home page or Contact Us to schedule an appointment for a free estimate on installation.

Putting Green

Putting Green Instruction Manual

“How To Build Your Own Putting Green”

Whether it’s in your backyard or on your commercial property, provides insightful tips and user-friendly instructions on building and customizing your own putting green. We supply you with everything you’ll need to create that one of a kind dream green.

For your convenience, you may download these Instructions in a PDF format to use on any device when you’re on the go.

When you are installing a 500 square foot DIY putting green, it generally takes up to 3 days. Remember: add 1 day for every additional 300 square feet. Please note we advise against installing a putting green when the temperature is below 50 degrees.

Putting Green

Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

1. Take the Measurements:

Measure, measure, measure! After deciding where to install your putting green, measure the length and the width of that proposed area. Remember, turf can only be purchased in 15 foot wide rolls, so utilize this space carefully. Measure it again.

The goal is to install your artificial putting surface with the grain all running in the same direction, with the least amount of seaming; preferably facing the player’s perspective to allow chips to be accepted from a distance.

2. Installation Preparedness — Getting Ready:

  • Contact your utility department for a survey of the installation area.
  • Obtain any permits required.
  • For an existing sprinkler system, call your irrigation company to have it capped and marked.
  • Practice your seaming technique using sample pieces of synthetic turf. This is a key success factor when installing your green. (explained in detail later on)
  • Determine the amount of Crushed Granite you’ll be needing.
    • 1 Ton = covers 66 sqft, at 3″ deep
    • 1 Yard = covers 94 sqft, at 3″ deep

NOTE: It’s important to use Crushed Granite, instead of other forms of crushed rock, for your installation. Doing so enables you to create the smoothest surface for proper compaction and grading.

3. Tools & Supplies:

(included with your purchase of any DIY kit)

  • ** PLEASE SEE OUR STORE ??? or something?
  • Or we could LIST the tools that are needed and/or recommended???

4. The Base — Preparation & Installation:

  • Frame your perimeter using plastic/bendable framing board. Attach the framing board to 12” plastic stakes every 2’ (two feet).
  • Un-roll your artificial putting green out on a clean and flat surface. Allow your artificial putting green to lay in direct sunlight for 2 hours prior to installation.
  • Gather all necessary tools.
  • Prepare the project base.
  • Remove 4 inches of soil in the installation area. Sod cutters can be used to remove existing grass. A square shovel can be used to perfect the corners and edges. Make sure the base allows for proper drainage, a 1% grade should be sufficient. After the soil has been removed, install the edging that you plan to use.
  • Dampen the bare earth and compact it with a plate tamper. If the bare earth is wet or has a clay concentration spread a thin layer of crushed stone over the entire surface before compacting. Install a weed fabric over the bare earth and trim as necessary, using sod staples to hold it in place.
  • Begin distributing the crushed granite and spread it evenly over the installation area. Use the back of a rake in a back and forth motion to level off the crushed granite. Use the sod roller to even out the surface. Ensure that the crushed granite allows for proper drainage as mentioned above, while taking into consideration the grading you desire for your green. The crushed granite must be spread evenly across the entire installation area.
  • Start to dampen the crushed granite and begin making passes with the plate tamper/compactor. Make as many passes as necessary to create a firm base. Do not make sharp turns with the plate tamper; this will create ridges in the base. High spots must be leveled off and low spots must be filled in with crushed granite and compacted. Use a hand tamp to compact areas that weren’t compacted by the plate tamper. The goal is to create a smooth and uniform base; the green will not hide irregularities in the base. A properly compacted base will not show a footprint when walked on. Once the base preparation is complete, avoid any unnecessary surface traffic. The final base will be 1 ½” below the top of the border.

5. Installing your Cup(s):

How to Install Concrete Cups for Putting Greens

  • Arrange the artificial putting green cups on the crushed granite as you would like them.
  • Mark where your cups will be permanently placed. This can be done by applying pressure to each cup and rotating it. This will cause a small indentation in the crushed granite which will be used as a reference point.
  • With a small hand shovel dig a small hole that is 2 inches larger in diameter than the cup itself and equal in depth.
  • Use fast-drying concrete mix powder around the entire outside perimeter.
  • Pack down the mix. Leave 1” (one inch) of the cup exposed.

6. Finishing your Base:

  • Small ridges caused from the plate compactor on your base need to be removed. The putting green surface needs to fit like a glove to your base so you want it as smooth as possible.
  • Use the bottom of your shovel or hand tool to flatten the ridges.
  • Use a spreader to distribute sand over the entire green. A 50 lb bag of sand will cover approximately 360 Sq Ft.
  • Use a broom to lightly sweep the sand and any loose gravel off your base.

7. Installing the Artificial Grass for your Putting Green:

  • The install can begin after the grass has been allowed to lay in direct sunlight for two hours. This will allow wrinkles in the backing to settle out. Use a power broom to brush the grass fibers against the direction they are laying before installation. This will make the installation of infill easier. If seaming sections of grass together, do not brush the fibers until you have removed the edges.
  • If the width of your artificial putting green is less than your roll width you can skip the following steps.
  • Make sure the grain of each roll of artificial putting green is running in the same direction.
  • Place the synthetic putting green turf over the edge of the crushed granite and roll it out.
  • Make sure there are no significant creases in the turf. If there are tiny creases the weight of the infill will make them go away.
  • Use a push broom against the grain of the putting green to separate the fibers before putting in the infill.
  • Lay one roll over where the seam will come together. Make sure the backing is face up.
  • With a knife cut between the first and second row of stitching.
  • Do this for only one of the rolls where your seam will be joined. Cutting between the rows will remove the black strip. It will also give you a tight fit and perfect seam.
  • Use solid base underneath the roll that is being overlapped. This will make for a solid smooth cutting surface.
  • Overlap the turf rolls about 2″ the entire length of the seam so that the roll with the seaming strip is still attached to the top.
  • Place bags of infill every 4 ft on both sides along the length of the seam. This prevents movement during the seaming process.
  • Cut the top overlapped roll of turf by following the edge of the bottom roll with a utility knife.
  • Do this with the full length of the seam. Once the seam has been cut, join the 2 pieces together to ensure a tight fit before seaming the rolls together. Continue to replace your utility knife blade after cutting 8-10 ft.
  • Nail down the seaming strips on the sub base where the seam will come together. There should be an equal amount of seaming strip on each side of the seam.
  • Apply adhesive over the entire surface of the seaming strip.
  • Allow 20-30 min for the adhesive to set up and get sticky before seaming.
  • Pull the artificial putting green turf over at the seam.
  • Lay one roll onto the adhesive and seaming tape the full length of the seam.
  • Carefully join the 2 rolls together.
  • Press the seam in place to get good contact of the turf backing and adhesive.
  • After the entire seam has been placed together walk over the artificial putting green several times.
  • Allow 2 hours before moving on to the next step.

8. Shaping your Green — Fringe or No Fringe:

  • The synthetic turf is delivered in a rectangular shape. If you’re not adding a fringe turf to your putting green, cut the shape of your putting green using only your outside border. If you desire a fringe around your putting green, use a yardstick to assist with the measurement.
  • Formula to determine the amount of fringe turf needed for a two foot collar of fringe: Total length + width divided by 2.5.
  • Use a yardstick to measure two feet in from the border.
  • Using a string, mark your shape in 1 foot increments.
  • Use a utility knife to cut along the outside perimeter.
  • Run the fringe turf the length of the putting green on each side first, then the two widths. The grain of the fringe turf must run the same direction all around the green.
  • Roll the fringe turf over one side the length of the putting green.
  • Overlap the entire fringe turf just enough to cover the shape of your artificial putting surface on one side the length of your putting green.
  • Locating the shaped putting green under the fringe, nail down the fringe into the sub base using 5” galvanized nails with small heads 2 inches out into the fringe from where the seam of the putting green turf and fringe turf will meet.
  • Hammer the nails every 6 inches the entire length of your fringe turf. Nailing between the rows of stitching hides the nails.
  • Now, come out 1 foot (1’) into the fringe turf.
  • Nail the fringe turf 1 inch (1″) out into the fringe every six inches the entire length of the fringe. Nailing the fringe at both the seam and a foot out from the seam will anchor the fringe turf in place and make for a tight fit.
  • Do this for the entire perimeter of fringe turf.
  • Finally, cut along the outside perimeter where the fringe meets your border.

9. Adding Infill:

  • Do not apply when wet. If the infill or putting green gets wet the infill clumps together prohibiting proper application of the infill.
  • Use a drop spreader 1/2 full with infill and spread your infill across the top of your artificial putting green.
  • Aggressively brush in your infill.
  • Infill until you have filled your artificial putting past the tips of the fibers.
  • By infilling the fringe turf the fibers will stick straight up. You only need to fill the fringe turf half full to achieve this.
  • Consistently brush against the grain of the fringe. This makes the fibers stand up.
  • Brush any excess infill off your artificial putting green.
  • Sweep your artificial putting green a final time to remove any excess infill. You want to have 1/32” of the putting green fiber exposed.

10. Back to your Cups:

  • Rolling and infill of the green will determine the speed of you putting surface
  • Using heavy weight roller, roll the green the length and width of the entire surface.
  • Do this many times – both the length and the width of the putting green to achieve the speed you desire.

11. Final Steps:

  • Rolling and infill of the green will determine the speed of you putting surface
  • Using heavy weight roller, roll the green the length and width of the entire surface.
  • Do this many times – both the length and the width of the putting green to achieve the speed you desire.

12. Post Installation Care:

  • Seasonally, brush your artificial putting green using a push broom. This will help stabilize the fibers, and keep the grass clean. Any stains or spills that occur can be cleaned using a mild detergent and water.
  • A plastic leaf rake or leaf blower can be used to remove any debris or foliage.