General Putting Green Consultation

Because the synthetic putting green is new phenomenon, contractors are pouring into the business. Industry standard is difficult to gauge. When purchasing or building a synthetic golf enviroment, becoming an informed contractor or builder is important. Everyone is faced with different obstacles and will provide you with unbiased information to help you make the right decision in any aspect of putting green turf, installation, or creating a successful green installation company.

Your session consultation with ‘Master Installer’, Jeremy Still

Jeremy Still is the founder of two synthetic grass installation companies

  • National Greens LLC (years of operation: 2001 – Present)
  • (years of operation: 2020 – Present)

Get the information that only a ‘Master Installer’ can provide. 

Paid consultation for in-depth and comprehensive advice

 $150 an hour. 

Options for Consultation: Screen Share with Zoom or Google Meets or simple phone call. 

The small amount of money up front will save you a considerable amount of time and future cost that are easily available. After your consultation, you may decide to purchase your products or installation from one of our competitors. I will be transparent and unbiased. My job is to provide you with the facts without steering you in any particular direction. You will find the value in our interaction. Whether it’s DIY for yourself or you are entering the putting green installation business, I have the industry wide knowledge that few installers have. The ‘Master Installers’ that do have the knowledge you need will be impossible to get there undivided attention. Your purchased time can be about design, how to build, how to hire the right contractor to fit your needs, how to enter the industry as an installer, how to qualify to be one of our certified dealers, how we can produce leads for you, or whatever questions you might have.