Learn to install synthetic putting greens from a "Master Installer".

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Not only do we offer on site putting green installation
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How to build a backyard putting green, fairways, and lawns

DIY Putting green cup installation hack

When building your own putting green, these DIY concrete cup molds offer a solution. Use of these molds, will allow you to build your putting green from the center outwards. This approach eliminates the need to create a flawless base only to dig holes for cup placement.

Cutting the putting green shape from the 15 foot roll

When shaping a putting green, you want clean flowing, serpentine edges. Avoid sharp angles or knobs on the edges of your putting green  edges when shaping your green. Using  different colors of children’s sidewalk chalk to mark your desired shape will make this possible.

Once you are certain of your shape drawn on top of your putting turf, use the “Universal Carpet cutter” tool. You can find this at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or another hardware store. Careful control of this tool is needed when cutting out your desired shape, so remember to flip your razor blades inside your knife to an unused edge that has been factory sharpened. Blades tend to dull fairly quickly and by using a sharp blade, it assures nice, clean cuts, not jerky and erratic. When cutting out the shape of your Putting Green, keep this in mind: The sharper the blade, the cleaner the cut. Consider replacing it every 10 feet or so.

How to install bunkers with drainage

Proper  drainage is the foundation of  putting green installations. The bunker drains should be attached to a main drainage line. Preventing excess water from pooling, you can protect the integrity of your backyard putting green and reduce maintenance by preparing for heavy rainfall.

Build up the putting green base by “sheet drainage” technique. You don’t want any water running through the putting turf rather across the top.