Little Rock, AR

Serving all of Arkansas, including Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Springdale, Jonesboro, North Little Rock, Conway, Rogers, Pine Bluff, Bentonville, Hot Springs and all the areas around Arkansas, designs and installs artificial grass putting greens. We use the finest synthetic turf materials and incorporate advanced installation ethnology to create your signature golf green. We have an extensive portfolio of artificial putting green installations and designs for any place in Arkansas.

We have also done exemplary work in some of the country’s foremost golf and country clubs in Arkansas. has experts in designing and building private golf complexes, golf simulators, driving ranges, and smaller courses in your private backyard. Our clients always come back to us because of the enthusiasm and knowledge of our technicians. This article shows the different areas of our expertise and the cost determinants for our affordable synthetic turf in Arkansas. Keep reading to find out more!

What services can you get from in Arkansas?

At in Arkansas, we specialize in;

1. Indoor putting greens

We design and install home golf greens both outdoor putting greens and indoor putting greens. allows installing a full-scale golf training facility with sand bunkers and chipping areas. We can also core drill the concrete or wood to fit full PGA spec cups into your indoor putting green. A home golf putting green is the most effective, easiest and ideal way to practice putting indoors using the latest technology to install indoor golf putting green. We use Styrofoam wedges placed strategically for undulation and then cover it with lock-together panels. If you are wondering where to put your artificial putting green, consider the unused basement, garage, roof, outdoor shop, or showroom floor.

2. Indoor golf simulators for home and businesses are experts in golf simulators that include some of the most famous PGA competitive golf holes. These professional golf simulators are ideal for practicing your driving, chipping and putting skills without fear of the weather. Indoor golfing environments and golf simulators offer an amazing place to gather with your friends, family, and business clients. Simulators come in various sizes and styles suitable for any home or business. 

The golf simulators from integrates the most popular software providers like Club, E6 Connect, QED Refine and FSX by Foresight Sports. You can play 18 holes at Augusta National or the back nine at Royal St. George’s without traveling or getting invited to clubs.

3. Install golf complexes

If you want to expand your game of can create a one-of-a-kind golf complex at your own home or business. We are experts in designing multiple-hole golf courses AND complex 3-4 par courses for every type of location. These private golf complexes are a great place to spend time with friends, family, or clients. We can design and install three to four shorter par three holes on 10 acres of land with normally houses one par 4, 400yard hole. If you have enough land, we can install a complete golf course with custom contours, bunkers, and hazards only limited by your imagination.

4. Tee lines and driving ranges designs and installs professional-grade tee lines for your private golf complex. Our synthetic turf provides a year-round surface that is playable in all weather conditions without worrying of wear-and-tear.

What is the cost of designing and installing a home or backyard putting green in Arkansas?

Getting a professionally designed and installed putting greens in Arkansas done by will cost between $20 and $45 per square foot. The cost range is the dependent location of the project, the size of the artificial turf, the features you need, the design of the putting green, and installation labor.

1. Location of the projects

Most of the time, people only estimate the putting green and base material cost, forgetting that project location can bare significant hidden costs. To know if there are any hidden costs, we answer these questions:

  • How difficult is it to access the job site? 
  • What is the possibility that materials will have to be moved up or down?
  •  How is the water drainage system around the area, and will it need to be adjusted?

Moving the synthetic materials from the stores to the site can also require extra tools like vehicles and labor. You must consider all these factors to ensure you are covering all the costs.

2. The putting green itself

The cost of putting green will vary depending on several factors. To find the cost of putting green, we ask you the following questions:

  • Is there a preferred type of putting green for backyards you like?
  • How many holes are ideal for playing on your putting green?

Your backyard putting green designs will determine the type of turf you need. Different turfs have different cost levels. Additionally, a backyard putting green design will also vary the amount of base material and fill sand you need for the turf to perform correctly. will offer you the best backyard putting green installation in Arkansas as we every putting green, from the simple one-cup indoor portable practice putting greens to professional deep sand-filled, long chip accepting putting greens. It will depend on the golf game you want to play while putting green. The size of the putting green will relate directly to project cost. Find out how big a green you would like to construct, and we will give you an accurate estimate on putting green for your home or business.

3. Features you need for your putting green

You may need different amenities like water hazards, walkways, dry river beds, dedicated shipping areas and many other features, which will add to the installation cost. are expert in all features you need for your putting green, and we do the best backyard putting green installation in Arkansas. Your putting green will be just as you imagined it!

4. The complexity of the synthetic backyard putting green designs

If the practice of putting green design and features is complex, the cost will be a little high, but if the putting green design is simple, the cost will be low. However, at, we involve the client in the detailed process to ensure accurate and cost-effective invoices for your putting green design.

5. Professional installation are expert in professionally designing and estimating all project costs to keep costs low and savings high. Doing it yourself will mean finding more personnel to help you with the installation, which will not only be costly but may take a longer time to install.

Final Takeaway of Arkansas provides you with the best indoor putting greens, golf simulators, golf complexes, tee lines and ranges. The design and installation costs are cost-effective and dependent on factors like the location of the project and the features you want on your putting green. Visit today to get an affordable quote putting green for your home or business in Arkansas!