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Welcome to, the premier synthetic grass installation company in Austin, Texas. We have over 20 years of experience in installing all types of synthetic grass for various applications. From artificial grass lawns to pet areas that can be easily washed, child-friendly play surfaces, and sports surfaces, including baseball and soccer fields, we have the expertise to handle any project with precision and care. At, we are obsessed with synthetic golf green construction. We welcome all artificial grass projects; big and small.  Creating the perfect synthetic golf green for you is what our team of professionals are dedicated to will do. Each new project ignites our passion. The hill sides of Austin have the most room for complete lanscaping make overs. You can trust for all your synthetic grass installation needs. 

Recent Projects

This Austin backyard golf setting offers a truly distinctive experience for several reasons. One notable feature is the grass bunker with a unique center depression that necessitates drainage. To facilitate this, a 4-inch corrugated drain pipe is connected to the existing drainage system. Conversely, the green boasts a 1/2 bunker lip that doesn’t require a depression or drain pipe. Instead, it utilizes a ‘sheet drain’ design, allowing water to naturally roll off the surface. This particular bunker lip adds a challenging elevation to the terrain, ideal for practicing chip shots and enhancing short game skills.

Both bunker elements incorporate the use of 4-inch corrugated drain pipes as their distinctive lips. The surrounding putting green showcases its seamless integration with the environment, gracefully contoured around magnificent pine trees. These trees provide ample shade, enabling golfers to enjoy their game while basking in the natural shelter they provide. 

Beyond the golf area, there’s approximately 2500 sq. ft. of Synthetic Lawn encircling a stunning swimming pool. This expansive synthetic lawn area complements the overall ambiance, offering a delightful space for relaxation and recreation.

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Installing a backyard putting green in Austin, Texas! When it comes to creating the perfect shaped green, avoid angular edges. To achieve a seamless look, use different colors of children’s sidewalk chalk in different colors to mark your desired shape. Wipe away colors that aren’t within your desired shape

Once you’ve marked the boundaries with chalk, it’s time to put your tools to work. For the cutting process, we recommend using the “Universal Carpet cutter” tool available at your local Home Depot. This tool provides the necessary precision and control to carefully cut out your desired shape. Remember, a sharp blade is crucial for achieving clean cuts. We recommend replacing the blade every five to six feet to ensure optimal results throughout the entire process.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a beautifully shaped cutting green in Austin, Texas. Get ready to enjoy endless hours of perfecting your putting skills in the comfort of your own backyard oasis.

Putting Green installation cost; here are some deciding factors...

 The location of the project

When considering the project location, we look at the following;

  • The ease of access to the site
  •  The grade at which materials will have to be moved up or down
  •  The drainage of the surrounding area and if the area will need some adjustments done before installation.

 All these can be hidden costs of the project, and you must consider the area you want to install the putting green before considering the cost of moving rolls of turf and your base material and sand to the job site.

2. The artificial putting green itself

The design of putting green you select will depend on your backyard designs which consequently determine the type of turf needed, and the different turfs have different cost levels. It will also vary the base material and fill sand required to make the turf perform correctly. Depending on the turf you need, the fact remains that has the best backyard putting green installation in Austin, TX and every putting green, from the simple indoor portable practice putting greens to professional deep sand-filled, long chip putting greens. The quantity of putting green relates directly to project cost. Therefore find out how big of a green you want to construct, and this will get you a very accurate estimate of the putting green kit cost for your home and business. Knowing what you want will make the design and build process much more efficient.

3. The features you want to see on your putting green are expert in putting green design features, and your putting green will be what you envisioned. For example, if you want shipping areas around the green for short ship setups or add sand traps, water hazards, walkways, dry river beds and more, all that can do.

4. The complexity of the synthetic backyard putting green designs

If the practice of putting green design and features is more complex, the cost goes high. However, client involvement in cost determination of the putting green design is a priority at to get accurate and cost-effective invoices.

5. Self-installation or professional installation

It is a natural fact that professional installation of putting greens is expensive. However, specializes in professional designing and estimating all project costs, keeping costs as low as possible and savings as high as possible. specializes in the installation of all artificial grass aplications in  any place around Austin, TX:

1. Indoor putting greens and golf simulators

Synthetic home golf putting green application is the same as the outdoor putting green application except that you don’t have to worry about rain or inclement weather with the indoor application. With professional installation, sand bunkers and chipping areas are also possible. You can also use a home golf putting green for home or offices; it is the most effective, easiest and ideal way to practice putting indoors. Uses the latest technology in installing indoor Golf Putting Greens. Utilizing styrofoam wedges that are for undulation and then covered with lock-together panels. can construct full-scale golf training facilities that are responsive to chips indoors. When considering where to put your artificial putting green, you can do it in your basement, garage, roof, outdoor shop, or showroom floor. With indoor putting greens, you can practice your golf game through any season or weather condition. 

At, they also design and install custom golf simulators for both homes and businesses. The simulators are accurate and allow you to play different courses worldwide, including the famous PGA competitive golf holes. With this simulator, you can practice your chipping and putting skills year-round without fear of the weather. The indoor golfing environments and simulators are amazing places to gather with your friends, family, and business clients. The golf simulators can be installed in basements, bars, cruise ships, trailers and more.

Great Spaces for Putting greens  include Outdoors, backyards , business common areas, amenities for hotels, pivate ranch golf complexes, and golf courses can create a one-of-a-kind golf complex at your own home or business if you want to expand your game of golf. They can design multiple-hole golf courses and complex 3-4 par courses for every type of location. Synthetic golf complexes are the ideal choice for businesses as it is an amazing places to congregate with clients and coworkers. Multiple-hole synthetic golf complexes are also a great business opportunity. A smaller course that can be played on a lunch break and rarely needs maintenance means a great profit margin for you. Custom synthetic golf complexes can be designed for indoor or outdoor use. They also include several additional features such as water hazards, sand traps, dry river beds, chipping pads, and custom target flags tailored to your very own business or family.

Tee lines and driving ranges designs and installs tee lines professionally for your private golf complex. Normally driving range and other high-traffic spaces are subject to wear and tear as the year’s pass.’s synthetic tee-line  provides a year-round surface that is playable in all weather conditions. They have artificial turf for tee lines built to last for years with very little maintenance. Having a synthetic tee line or artificial tee box at your home or business putting green increases the amount of golf practice you can achieve.

Remote design Services As the owner has decades of experience installing and maintaining artificial golf and putting greens for backyards, lawns, and offices. Their services are cost-effective, and the cost-deciding factors include the project’s location, the artificial putting green itself, the features you want on your putting green, the complexity of your synthetic background and whether you will do it yourself or use professional help. They are experts in indoor golfing simulators, golf complexes, tee lines and driving ranges. Contact them today to learn more about a synthetic golfing complex for your home or business.

Austin Golf

U.S. News & World Report named Austin the #1 best place to live in the USA for 2017. Not only is the capital of Texas the headquarters of several large corporations such as Whole Foods and Dell in nearby Round Rock, but is also consistently ranked by the FBI as one of the top 10 safest cities to live in America. It’s also been home to the annual SXSW film and music festival since 1987. The golf scene in Austin isn’t bad either. Wolfdancer Golf Club in Lost Pines is known for its fast greens, lush landscape, and friendly staff. The par-3 sixth hole waterfall and some of the elevation differences on the back-9 are talked about quite a bit as well. Star Ranch Golf Course in Hutto is another highly-acclaimed public facility. Every hole presents a unique challenge with various bunkers and water hazards. The course also offers very good deals for two players during the winter months. Falconhead Golf Club is known for its hills and elevated greens. The Pedernales Golf Club in nearby Spicewood, is owned by country singer Willie Nelson. The 9-hole “cut ‘n putt” is a must-play attraction for anyone who loves a relaxing, yet challenging course.

Junior Golf In Austin

The Austin Junior Golf Academy is one of the most popular youth golf programs in the city. The program was founded in 1987 to teach kids the fundamentals of golf, along with etiquette and good sportsmanship. The program is held in the summer and attracts 300-plus kids every year. Elite Golf Performance has placed over 120 of its youth golf participants in Division I programs since 1994. The Basic Prep Program is the first level of training, followed by the High School Prep and Collegiate Prep Programs. There are also numerous options for one-on-one private lessons throughout the city.

Austin PGA Players

It’s impossible to talk about the golf scene in Austin without bringing up native son Ben Crenshaw. He won the first PGA Event he ever entered – the 1973 San Antonio Texas Open – and never looked back. Crenshaw finished with 19 total PGA Tour victories, including the 1984 and 1995 Masters championships. He recorded top-10 finished in all four major events in 1987, a feat accomplished by only 15 other golfers in history.

Service Areas offers its range of putting greens for both residential and commercial applications in Austin and its surrounding areas. Whether you’re in Austin proper or the neighboring cities and communities, such as West Lake Hills, Barton Creek, Tarrytown, Rollingwood, Lost Creek, or Bee Cave, is ready to serve you. We also extend our services to areas like Lakeway, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Georgetown, among others. Our goal is to provide top-quality putting greens to enhance your golfing experience, no matter where you are in the Austin area.