Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

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Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

Step 1: Create a design with shape, elevation changes, and turf cuts.

Owning a backyard putting green has countless benefits for both avid golfers and beginners It will change your game drastically and allow you to have fun at the same time.

However, you don’t have to be a pro golfer to appreciate the experience of owning your own artificial putting green at home. If you thought a BBQ brought the neighbors over, wait until you’re having weekly putting shoot outs with friends and family.

Nothing brings people closer than fun outdoor activities. Now that the fun of professional putting can be brought to your back doorstep, everyone can enjoy the fun and challenge of a professional putting green.

Synthetic outdoor putting greens can be as simple as a small poolside putting green, to massive scale re-creations of PGA tour putting greens including water hazards and sand traps.

PuttingGreen can design and build anything you desire, big, small, and anywhere in between.

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Here are some of our putting green work:

Backyard Putting Green Examples

Putting Green, the best supplier of artificial turf will give you an exceptional results for your backyard putting green installtion. The beauty of a putting green without a border is the flawless transition into the rest of the lawn area. In this installation option, the putting area expands into pre-existing grass. This style is sought after by homeowners who have ample open space and prefer larger sections of grass rather than sections of rock or mulch.

There are many elements which can be incorporated into the design of the putting green. Stone paths or even flower gardens are just a few of the landscape options; there is no limit to the possibilities. If this is the kind of space you enjoy, then there are several types of bordered putting areas that may be help you achieve the yard you have always dreamed of. Keep in mind you can select the option that best fits both your athletic and aesthetic needs.

Even if your installation area has a large tree, or sizable air conditioning unit. There is a putting green design available that will make your space appear more open and inviting.

You may want to install a green to improve your putts on an incline, flat surface, or even a sand trap or water hazard. Whatever specific skill you wish to sharpen, it can be achieved faster when you are able to practice in your own backyard.

Buy Custom Backyard Putting Green

A backyard putting green can form an appealing centerpiece as it does in the corner of this waterfront property. No matter how unique the layout, installing a green will add something special to your living space.

You may want a green very near house or perhaps you would like your practice area installed behind some trees where it is not even visible from your back porch. There are several options to choose from. Any design you select will be thoughtfully built for maximum visual appeal and practicality according to your personal preference.

The golfing area is designed to enhance the beauty of your lawn. Proper installation will help prevent erosion thereby preserving the integrity of the yard you are already maintaining.

Imagine the extra hours of practice without the hassle of traveling to the golf course. With a backyard putting green, you are able to enjoy a reduction in membership cost and parking fees because you will be spending less time and money in transportation.

Plus you can practice more comfortably knowing you are within a few steps of your backdoor. Think of how your focus will be increased without the distractions of the sights and sounds of the golf course.

Some people may want to have a putting green but fear there is too much taking up limited space in their backyard. This situation may actually be ideal for installing a putting green because the area contains too little space to appear artistic with merely a small open patch of grass. Instead, fill the space by adding a putting green!

If you want to install a flat practice area for beginner golfers, a practice area for golf can visually enhance the corner of a lot. Furthermore, a putting green will add more visual balance to a small area than if the space were to remain unused.

You may want to capitalize on openness and expansion. Regardless of the type of yard you have, a backyard putting green can be installed to artistically blend with the style you prefer.

Are you afraid you lack sufficient space for a putting green because your yard has a steep slope or series or retaining walls? Have no fear. As you can see, multiple designs incorporate such retain walls as a border for the green. Also, the retaining walls form flower beds for additional decoration.

Perhaps you think a backyard putting green would be a waste of money and time since your best practice is achieved on a real golf course. Rest assured that you can install a green to be as small or as large as you desire in order to thoroughly replicate authentic course details.

Fences, whether wooden or metal, are a typical backyard feature. With proper planning and building, your putting green will capitalize on the imagery of your yard. Wooden fences form clearly defined corners. In this case the putting area can build upon the presence of a strong corner. A custom putting green is a great addition to your small inground pool.

Installation is a process which will not disturb the rest of your yard while your backyard putting green is being built. Therefore, you can enjoy your yard while you watch the completion of your new addition.