Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

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Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

Step 1: Create a design with shape, elevation changes, and turf cuts.

Installing home putting greens can increase the value of your property and dramatically improve your golfing skills in your own compound. Custom putting green designs have the structure, feel and look of real grass, are more rigid than natural turf and need minimal upkeep to maintain their lush look. Synthetic putting greens also offer top-quality ball roll, giving you the perfect surface to master your strokes!

Investing in artificial putting greens and see dramatic improvements in your form. Custom putting green designs offer you the best chance to get top-quality results from your synthetic turf project. The artificial putting greens can vary from small to large enough to accommodate a variety of shots. The greens can even be created to account for different degrees of slope to straight-on shots. It does not really matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned golfing professional, installing a backyard putting green can help you improve your short stroke.

Here are the ways that a synthetic practice putting green can improve your golf game.

How Artificial Putting Greens Can Improve Your Game

Improve and Increase Your Accuracy

An artificial putting green provides a consistent blade length and thickness. This is the same as what is typically found on a putting green made from natural grass. It allows you to practice with an increased level of accuracy that will eventually carry over onto the actual golf course. Usually, the most costly aspect of a person’s game is their short stroke. Accurate speed, consistent follow-through, and ball roll are all part of the shot. Being able to hit the cup each time accurately is the key to remaining under par on each hole.

It Provides Convenience

Going to the golf course is time-consuming and takes a lot of money that you could have used to improve your form. This means that you do not have to go far to sharpen your golfing skills. You only need to step outside, just a short distance away from a practice venue with a residential putting green. You can play anytime you want while cutting back on various golf-related expenses, such as commuting and club membership fees.

It Improves Your Concentration and Stroke

Golf courses and driving ranges are often filled with players trying to work on their game. This can easily distract you and keep you from concentrating on your swing. With a home putting green, you can have the peace you need to master your putt. You’ll be able to focus on improving your proper form, developing your techniques, and refining your game strategies for your next game.

It Gives Better Ball Control

With a synthetic backyard putting green, you get the exact blade length and thickness found on your favourite golf course. You’ll be able to practice your swings until you can guarantee a hole-in-one. Once you play at your go-to course again, you will dominate the competition. Aside from mastering your go-to course, you can also maximize synthetic turf’s top-quality ball roll with a customized backyard putting green.

It Provides Swing-Resistant Blades

Swinging at natural grass can chip its turf and break its blades. It also reduces the height of the grass blades, which can affect your swing quality. These are not an issue with synthetic grass. Artificial turf is tough and unbreakable, so it retains its height and form even after you swing at it. Consequently, you put yourself in an excellent position to maintain a consistent form throughout your practice.

FAQs About Synthetic Practice Putting Green

Is the synthetic practice putting green easy to maintain?

Yes, it is! Artificial turf is relatively easy to clean. However, keep these tips in mind:
– Avoid having your practice putting green under or close to trees. This is because your golf ball can fly up the tree or bounce off the tree with a lot of force. In addition, the leaves falling from the tree can make your practice putting green quite messy.
– Choose an area that is away from many obstructions in your compound. This is the best place to set up your synthetic practice putting green. It makes it so easy to clean. Just sweep your synthetic practice putting green with a good yard brush several times weekly and you are good to go! 

Can You Choose the Underlay You Want? 

Yes, you can! However, it would help if you never forgot to avoid a soft underlay. It will give you an undesirable sinking feeling, which will hinder your chances of putting or teeing off your net. Therefore, we recommend that you select a firmer underlay that will help you improve your stance or the way you address the ball. The way a course plays depends heavily on the quality of the grass and the “lay” of the course.
It is also important to avoid extremely hard infill under the synthetic grass because it usually stops the ball very quickly. On the other hand, extremely soft infill makes your golf ball not roll the way you want when putting. 

Is A Synthetic Practice Putting Green a Cost-Effective Choice?

Yes, it is! Most golfers who have used a synthetic practice putting green say it is. Another benefit is that you get to practise golf from the comfort of your home compound. Nothing beats the feeling of having to come home from work and work on your golfing skills. Besides, you will get to practice your golf skills even in unanticipated situations such as enforced lockdowns and other emergencies. Since professional lessons are expensive, synthetic practice greens help you save money.


Many people mistakenly think that custom golfing environments are inferior to natural golf courses regarding game mechanics. A well-built, synthetic practice putting green lets you enjoy your golfing sessions and greatly improves your golf game! If you are ready to get your own synthetic practice green, contact us today for the do-it-yourself, DIY putting green kits. We’ll help you install and get golfing!