Backyard Putting Greens

The putting green and synthetic grass installation industry is being flooded by men leaving the Corporate world behind for a new beginning, landscapers and contractors adding a stream of revenue that fits into their existing line of work. A professionally installed synthetic golf green with unique breaks that mimic the greens at your Country Club are an entirely different product. ‘Cost of turf’ has the least effect on the cost of having a green installed. The cost of a putting green varies tremendously. The range can be from $15 a square foot – $75 a square foot. It’s all about the person performing the install. $75 a square foot is extremely high but common if you want one of the top 5 best putting green installers in the United States.'s Mission

We connect you with the exact service or product you need. Whether turf or installation, we must understand where the budget and deliverables line up. There are many different  motivations for having  a putting green. You may just want a simple landscape feature to cover a muddy area in your backyard or something simple for the grandchildren to play around on. It’s fairly easy to find a  “Novice Installer” that can satisfy your needs. The application, construction process, and experience level of the installer become factors if mastering the game of golf is your motivation. An “Intermediate Installer”can possibly build what you want. If you want the best synthetic golf environment available with multiple hitting areas or bunkers, you need a “Master Installer”. To simulate the feel of natural grass, synthetic turf putting greens are built with turf consisting of polypropylene blends or nylon fibers. recommends a maintenance plan for some installations

Benefits of Backyard Putting Greens

    It helps you improve your game.

It may seem obvious, but what could be more convenient than having your putting green in your own backyard? The best way to reduce your handicap is to practice your short game. You’ll be the one to beat among your friends in no time because you have the best training facility right in your backyard.

Backyard putting greens are durable and beautiful.

The synthetic turf’s vibrant green color will not fade. The quality and durability will ensure you enjoy a beautiful view.

Simple to care for.

Unlike natural grass, an artificial backyard putting green turf does not need to be watered, weeded, mowed, or treated with chemicals. It really only takes the occasional sweeping or leaf blowing to keep your putting green in good condition.

Your home will be stand out

Anyone can have a hot tub or a pool in their backyard, but having your own putting green in your backyard is truly unique. Your home will undoubtedly become the talk of the neighborhood and the most coveted.

Perfect for quality family time

Your backyard putting green is an excellent way to get your kids to abandon video games and television in favor of spending time outside. It’s an excellent way to spend quality time together as you play, talk and eat outside.

Increases the worth of your home.

If you ever plan to sell your home, a beautiful putting green in your backyard can increase its value. As a result, it is a wise investment not only for your golf game but also for your overall wealth.

Host more memorable gatherings.

You’ll be able to host fundraisers, tournaments, themed parties, and friendly competitions right in your backyard!

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DIY Putting Green Kits

Transform your backyard into the ultimate golf practice haven with a DIY yard putting green. Imagine the extra hours of practice you can enjoy without the inconvenience of traveling to the golf course. No more worrying about membership expenses, parking charges, or transportation hassles. With a backyard putting green, you can step out your backdoor and start honing your skills whenever you want.

Beyond the convenience, a yard putting green brings other benefits. Your focus will improve significantly without the distractions of sights and noises from the golf course. This controlled environment allows you to concentrate better and refine your techniques more effectively.

Installing a backyard putting green can visually enhance any corner of your lot. It adds harmony and character to even a small space that might otherwise feel empty. Whether you have an open and expansive backyard or a cozy one, you can creatively blend a putting green with your chosen style.

You might think that practicing on actual golf courses is sufficient, but investing in a backyard putting green has its advantages. You can precisely replicate genuine course components, customizing the green to be as small or as big as you desire. You can also add berms to surround bunkers and sand traps, introducing more challenges and textures to your landscape.

If you’re worried about the effort required to maintain a putting green, fear not. DIY putting green kits are available, making the installation process more accessible and manageable. Not only will you save on membership expenses, but you’ll also have a visually appealing landscape that requires minimal effort to maintain.

An artificial putting green is not only a paradise for golf enthusiasts but also an excellent addition for anyone looking to elevate their backyard’s aesthetics and functionality. Whether you’re still learning about putting greens or ready to embark on this project, you can find everything you need to create your own custom-made putting green in Texas.

So, take the next step in perfecting your golf game and transforming your backyard with a backyard putting green. Enjoy the convenience, focus, and customization it brings, and watch your skills soar to new heights. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned golfer, a backyard putting green is the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

What Factors Determine the Cost of Backyard Putting Greens?

  • The type of green.

Reputable companies design and install various golf greens using a variety of synthetic turf types and construction methods.’s talented and experienced installers and designers can use their processes and products to create almost any golf solution.

The dimensions of the putting green.

While PGA Tour putting greens are approximately 5,000 – 6,000 square feet in size, one can typically practice their entire short game on a green that is a fraction of this normal putting green. Most green installations are around 10000 square feet, but greens are built in all sizes.

The layout of the putting green.

Creating a tour-quality putting green can be a difficult task. Designers must consider how to ensure proper drainage and design the base. However, putting greens that are similar to those seen on a golf tour usually have design elements that require experience and training to create. As a result, the cost of a typical putting green can vary depending on the skill required to create it and the complexity of the green’s design. When you work with a reputable company, you get designers with extensive experience and training.

Preparation and access to the site.

Costs and time involved in installing backyard putting greens are influenced by factors such as materials, equipment, and accessibility of the site to equipment. The costs may be higher if larger machines cannot access the space. This is because workers will need to access the site using small equipment and wheelbarrows. Similarly, the need for sodding and significant grading and sodding, the addition of retaining walls, and other landscaping activities to prepare the site all add to the overall cost.

Features of the green.

Water hazards, dry creeks, bunkers, and tee boxes, for example, may not significantly impact the cost of the backyard putting green, but they may impact the cost of the entire project.

The installation procedure.

The installation process is the key to creating the best synthetic chipping and putting green. Workers’ extensive training and experience will come in handy. Hiring people who understand the best design and installation methods will benefit you. The installation process, for example, is usually more thorough and thus time-consuming, but the results are well worth it! They provide fantastic backyard putting greens that flawlessly mimic the feel and appearance of natural grass greens. Furthermore, their putting greens require little maintenance and last a long time.

The benefits of having a backyard putting green are undeniable for golf enthusiasts and families alike. With its amazing benefits, it’s time to take action and make it a reality in your own yard. At, we are dedicated to providing expert installation and design services for your personal putting green.  

Putting Green Play Area

A putting green is something that some people want, but they are worried that it would take up too much room in their backyard. In fact, this situation would be ideal for installing a putting green because there isn’t enough space to be creative with only a little open section of yard. Instead, modify the area by including a putting green!

A synthetic green in Texas is already stunning on its own. Lavish and green, it brings the stylish appearance of a golf course to your backyard. However, there are still so many methods to tailor your synthetic putting green design so it matches your landscape completely. 

Owning a yard putting green has many advantages for both avid golfers and newbies. It will alter your game dramatically and enable you to have a good time at the same time. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be a professional golf enthusiast to value the experience of owning your own artificial putting green at home. If you think a BBQ brought the neighbors over, wait until you’re having weekly shootouts with friends and family.

Absolutely nothing brings individuals closer than enjoyable outside activities. Now that the enjoyment of expert putting can be brought to your doorstep, everybody can enjoy the fun and obstacles of an expert putting green.

Artificial outdoor putting greens can be as basic as a little poolside putting green, to huge scale re-creations of PGA tour putting greens consisting of water threats and sand traps.

PuttingGreen can develop and develop anything you prefer, huge, little, and throughout between.

The charm of a putting green without a border is the perfect transition into the rest of the lawn. In this installation choice, the putting area broadens into a pre-existing lawn. This design is sought after by homeowners who have ample open space and choose larger areas of lawn rather than sections of rock or mulch.

You might wish to set up a green to improve your putts on a slope, a flat surface area, or even a sand trap or water danger. Whatever skills you wish to sharpen, you can learn faster when you have the luxury of practicing in your own yard.


On average, the price of a synthetic putting green—which includes design, materials, and installation—ranges from $15 to $30 per square foot. However, these prices might vary greatly depending on the size of the green, its amenities, and other site-specific elements.
Building and maintaining natural grass greens both demand a certain amount of expertise. Synthetic putting greens are simpler to maintain, but installation involves a lot of equipment, specialised knowledge, and grass and infill made specifically for golf greens.
The best part about having a synthetic grass putting green in your backyard is that you can use it all year round. Install a putting green for backyard and forget all your worries.
It usually takes us a few days to set up smaller installations and larger ones can take upto two to three weeks. Nevertheless, depending on how much site cleanup and preparation is needed, many putting greens may be set up in under a week.