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Putting Green Installation Instructions

For "Novice Installers" and beginners.

DIY Putting green cup installation

Discover a game-changing solution for constructing your dream putting green with DIY concrete cup molds. This innovative approach allows you to build your putting green seamlessly from the center outwards, eliminating the need for digging unsightly holes for cup placement. With these molds, you can streamline the construction process and bid farewell to the hassle of creating a flawless base only to later dig holes. Say hello to a more efficient and convenient way of building your ideal putting green, making your golfing dreams a reality.

For "Intermediate Level Installers" and Contractors.

Cutting the putting green shape from the 15 foot roll ​

Achieve a beautifully shaped putting green by ensuring smooth, flowing, and serpentine edges while avoiding sharp angles or knobs. To shape your green effectively, utilize different colors of children’s sidewalk chalk to mark your desired outline.

Once you have marked the shape on your putting turf, employ the “Universal Carpet cutter” tool, readily available at stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, or other hardware outlets. Exercise careful control while using the cutter, and remember to flip your razor blades to an unused, factory-sharpened edge for precise cuts. Dull blades can lead to jerky and erratic cuts, so always work with a sharp blade for clean results. If you’re cutting out a large area, consider replacing the blade every 10 feet or so to maintain the sharpness needed for clean cutting. With this method, you’ll create a stunning putting green with immaculate edges, ready for enjoyable golfing experiences.

For "Master Level Installers and Contractors"

How to install bunkers with drainage​

A solid foundation for putting green installations lies in proper drainage. Connecting the bunker drains to a main drainage line is essential to prevent water from pooling and ensure the integrity of your backyard putting green. By proactively preparing for heavy rainfall, you can safeguard your green and reduce the need for extensive maintenance.

Employ the “sheet drainage” technique to build up the putting green base. The goal is to avoid water running through the putting turf and instead allow it to flow gently across the top. This approach optimizes the drainage system, ensuring that your putting green remains in top condition even during periods of rain and inclement weather.