Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

Get help designing your putting green...

Screen-share design services

A professional putting green designer will draw you putting green while you watch it real-time in a screen-share session using zoom, or google meets. meeting will be recorded and email to you when session is over.

Download and print our graph paper to show us what you need help with.
Get a materials quote.

Draw your initial concept for one of our 3 grids. This will give our team something to work with. We will take your design and give you a quote within 24 hours. A “Master Putting Green Installer” use putting green design ideas to create a CAD design with more complexity based on your suggestions.

Get a design.

 Download one of our three graphs sheets that fits your putting Green dimensions. Draw the shape of your green on our graph paper and simply snap a picture of it with your phone if you don’t have a scanner. Send that to us and will get you a materials quote within 24 hours.

Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

Step 1: Create a design with shape, elevation changes, and turf cuts.

When you decide to purchase your artificial turf through, you’re getting the best turf made in the industry with the best possible manufacturer’s warranty against fade or wear. Along with your turf and design purchase we offer DIY clients a special tool in constructing their DIY synthetic grass project.’s 24 hour professional turf installation consulting. Ask us anything at anytime, night or day. Our professionals will walk you through every step of your project making sure you have the knowledge and materials you need to construct your synthetic putting green or landscape properly. Professional instructional videos are also available to purchasers for difficult sections like trap drains and cup installation. We will make sure your project stays on track and we can usually solve any issues you face during construction. Only offers this service, and it makes all the difference in the world to have experienced input when assembling your putting green.