Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

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Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

Step 1: Create a design with shape, elevation changes, and turf cuts.

Are you a golf enthusiast? Do you spend hours upon hours on the green, perfecting your game? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about having your own private green on which to practice. This is very possible with synthetic golf greens. You will be interested to know that synthetic golf greens are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason—they offer a number of benefits that traditional golf greens cannot.
In this post, we’ll give you the lowdown on everything you need to know in order to have your dream of building a synthetic golf green, a reality. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Should You Install Putting Green Turf?

Installation of putting green turf in your backyard will help you do the following:
1. It will improve your golfing game
2. It will give you aesthetic value at a very cost-effective way.
3. The custom putting green designs will provide you a customizable ability for sizes.

Therefore, artificial putting in greens from is a better choice when building your synthetic golf green.

There is a variety of artificial putting green turf which you can choose from for your synthetic golf green. Each turf has its unique quality, which differentiates its performance. 

How Will You Know You Are Buying the Right Quality? Is Quality Important?

You can quickly identify artificial putting green turf of low quality because they do not resemble the texture of natural grass. High-quality artificial putting green turf resembles real grass. You need to install it to capitalize on your putting green. You will experience a proper ball roll like a country club if you install the high-quality artificial putting green.

The following section highlights various putting green turf qualities and traits that you should know before purchasing your DIY putting green kit. The artificial putting green is of two types; nylon turf and polypropylene turf. 

Nylon turf 

The Nylon turf is of better quality than polypropylene turf. You should purchase the nylon turf because the grass stands up by itself without requiring an infill. This is better quality home putting greens. Additionally, the nylon synthetic turf requires low maintenance.

The nylon synthetic turf is an improved putting green. It is ideal for the short game recommendation of below 30 yards to avoid the uncontrollable bouncing of the ball. Nylon synthetic is the ideal synthetic turf for your small backyard.

Polypropylene turf

You will need the polypropylene turf if you’re looking for a less dense putting green. Its density makes it require an infill for the grass to stand up, and therefore its maintenance is relatively high. You can always use the help of putting green roller to straighten up the grass.

The other reason you need this polypropylene turf is that it can accommodate shots from any distance because of its ability to hold the golf ball very well. Finally, you should consider polypropylene turf because it is cheaper than nylon turf.

The Do It Yourself putting green kits.

The do-it-yourself (DIY) putting green kits are found on the Putting Green website for your home putting greens requirements. The good thing about backyard putting green kit is the ability to install them by yourself. The process of installing the DIY putting green kits on your own helps you to save money because you won’t need to hire a professional to do that job. These DIY putting green kits come with the instruction manual and all the necessary tools which you will require to build your putting green.

Custom design and professional installation

The custom putting green designs and installation are crucial requirements for putting up your synthetic golf green. When designing custom putting green, there is no better customization place like Putting Green because:

  1. We have been in this business since 2002 and we have a solution for every logistical issue on your land. Through these years, we have developed into the re is a long time in this business that they have the best skills.
  2. Putting Green will handle your packaging and shipment needs from flags, cups, turf, and other material you require to build your custom putting green.
  3. If you are a customer that lives immediate service areas like
  4. in and Houston, Texas, you will be matched up with a professional installer for your custom putting green. 
  5. The professional installer will provide you with signature customer service beyond your expectations. Any professional from Putting Green is an expert because they mainly work in landscaping and construction. They’re very familiar with the terrain of their respective cities and states.
  6. You only need to fill out the contact form and describe the custom putting green that you require. Within 24 hours, the process for installing a synthetic golf green at your preferred residence will start for your home putting green.
  7. Their custom designs come in basic, standard, and premium designs. The design preference you provide will allow you to discuss and negotiate the budget you need without having an onsite salesman.

Custom designs are important because they are the basis of your expectations and the expected budgets, and design price relates to the square feet of your land.


Building your own synthetic golf green can be a fun and rewarding project for any golfer. If you have thought of building your own synthetic golf green, Putting Green has all the tools and resources you need. We provide DIY artificial green kits with easy-to-follow instructions, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.
Not only do you enjoy the satisfaction of having created something yourself, but you’ll also have a top-quality putting surface to improve your game. Contact us today about our DIY artificial green kits for easy self-install or with help from our professional installers. We look forward to helping you take your game to the next level!

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