Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

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Building your own Putting Green: Installation Procedure

Step 1: Create a design with shape, elevation changes, and turf cuts.

The short game can be the hardest part of golf. Even professionals struggle with putting and short strokes. There are many benefits of having your own outdoor putting green.

No more waiting in traffic to get to the golf course, paying just to practice your short game, or having to schedule your time based on course availability.

Outdoor putting greens are more affordable when you compare how much money is spent in travel, cart and caddy fees, membership dues, and time away from the family.

They also add value to your home. Here are a few of the benefits of including an outdoor putting green with your next landscaping project.

Outdoor Putting Green Benefits


You are able to completely customize your outdoor putting green to accommodate all of your needs and preferences.

The putting green adds a unique element to the landscaping increasing the beauty of your home. You can choose from single hole designs to multiple hole designs.

Choose your own contour grass color, and your design can even include sand traps.

You may wish to have a long and narrow green to work on the longer putts, or a more challenging incline. The possibilities are limitless.

Easily Maintained

The use of synthetic grass gives you a luscious green color that blends well with your natural grass and eliminates the need for mowing and using harmful chemicals to keep the pests under control.

Artificial outdoor putting greens are weather resistant and extremely durable. Real grass erodes with time, while synthetic grass will prevent holes and dips.

You would save on water as well. Real grass need to be watered sometimes twice a day.

The money saved in maintenance alone makes using artificial grass the best choice for your outdoor putting green.

Improve Your Game

Having an artificial outdoor putting green allows you to practice year-round to improve your skills.

Choosing the design to challenge yourself gives you the opportunity to master the short game and impress everyone the next time you hit the links.

No more wasted time getting ready to go to practice, simply walk out into your own backyard.

Family Fun

An outdoor putting green is great for the whole family. Golf is an activity that everyone can enjoy.

Teaching your kids golf techniques and skills can be a wonderful bonding experience.

You can create different games and competitions to make things fun.

Having a hobby the whole family can love will lead to life long memories you will cherish forever.

Staying Healthy

Having an outdoor putting green will increase your physical activity, which has several health benefits.

It will help you to burn calories, soak in some sun to increase your vitamin D and can even help overcome seasonal depression.

Anytime kids are able to step away from their electronic devices and engage in a physical activity such as golf, decreases the likelihood of childhood obesity.

You are more likely to stay active when all you have to do is step outside the backdoor as opposed to going to a gym or even a golf course.

DIY Outdoor Putting Green Kits

There are several benefits to installing your own outdoor putting green. One of these is being able to select the dimensions that fit your needs. You can visually align your putting green with your natural landscaping.

Remember to take into consideration where players enter and exit the putting area based on the distance of the practice space to your house.

There are a variety of kits. The smaller kits are from 180-350 square feet or 450-800 square feet.


Other kits can cover 540 up to 5,000 square feet, so there is an option that is right for any yard.

There is even an option to install a hole in a body of water to increase the difficulty. The shapes of the putting greens range from a simple oval to more complex shapes.

Each DIY outdoor putting green kits comes with leveling tools, diagrams to cut the turf, an assembly diagram, and of course the turf, cups, and flags.

They also come with interactive support through video chat should you have any questions.

You can use rock to create a border around the area, or even include a retaining wall with plants and flowers to add color.

The putting green you choose can truly reflect your own personal style and fit in with your home décor.


Outdoor Putting Green Cost

The cost of having your own outdoor putting green installed by professionals still involves planning, time, and frustration.

The difference in doing installation yourself undoubtedly reduces overall costs in labor. Do you want to pay an excessive rate for a project that could easily be out of your control?

Ultimately, a bid might be significantly less than the final bill after the putting green is finished. That is why it is imperative to seriously consider taking as much initiative in the project as possible. Your goal may be to become hands on.

If you like activities involving your hands (you probably do because you enjoy practicing putting), then placing careful thought toward self installation is a reasonable course of action.

Speaking of course, the point is to spend less money and time with frustrating bills by completing the installation process independently. Why use someone’s facility when you could easily be using your own?

Our DIY Putting Green Kits are designed to save you time and money.



There are many benefits to having your own outdoor putting green at home. Furthermore, you can buy pre-made DIY putting green kits and save a lot of money on installation. Get your kits from our store now and start improving your golf game today!