Indoor Putting Green

Various Forms of Indoor Putting Greens

Are you interested in installing an indoor putting green to improve your golf game? Why not install a putting green inside your house so you can practice whenever you want in the comfort of your own home?

Texturized Putting Green: The grass on this sort of textured indoor putting green is denser than the grass on its counterpart, which improves ball roll accuracy. Additionally, they are springy and do not nick the ball too much.

Slit-film putting greens: These have a top blade that has been sheared, which can result in noticeable scratches on the golf ball. In terms of simulating what you would expect from real grass, it is fantastic.

Quick Game Practice In the convenience of your own home

Avoid letting the cold prevent you from honing your short game. Give PuttingGreen the opportunity to design and build a new indoor putting green for you so you may practice the short game (putting, chipping, and pitching), one of the most important components of the game of golf, all year long.Why not convert any vacant space in your home, such as a basement or garage, into a practical practice area so you can improve your golf while everyone else is going rusty? You can still work on and raise your game even though it’s freezing outside.

Varying Indoor Putting Greens

There are numerous variants when it comes to setting up indoor putting greens for homes or businesses. The most straightforward solution would be to glue turf directly to the floor. In order to simulate the golf ball falling into the hole, we can use either “star” cups placed on top of the grass or core cups into the floor itself. The construction of a putting green on compacted stone, much like we do outside, would be a more complicated solution. 

You can choose to have a level green for all straight putts, or we can add chipping circles and/or undulation to any of these building options to produce broken putts. Along with a golf simulation room, we also construct indoor putting greens. 


Yes, be it large scale installation or small scale, we provide all types of putting green solutions. Be it indoor putting green installations or outdoor, our experts handle them all.
Yes. Over concrete and pavement slabs, artificial grass may be laid. You may always lay down a grass pad before laying the turf for added comfort and cushioning.
To guarantee that you receive the best-performing, highest-quality artificial turf products available, we employ synthetic grass products that have undergone independent laboratory testing.
Rinse artificial grass often to get rid of dust and grime to keep it looking attractive. Pick up bigger messes, such as pet litter, before hosing the area and allowing the water to drain. If necessary, you may also use a carpet odor remover.