DIY Putting Green Kits Arkansas

Purchase Our High-Quality DIY Putting Green Kit In Arkansas

With outdoor putting green kits from The Major Series, you can practice your short game whenever you want in the comfort of your own backyard.

Without compromising on quality, we provide customized DIY synthetic turf options that cut costs and simplify the installation procedure. All of our kits are transportable, simple to install, and come with world-class service.

As a golfer, you want to get the most out of your practice sessions on equipment that gives a realistic look and feel and that’s what you get from our DIY backyard putting green kits in Arkansas.

Each kit includes artificial grass putting turf, fringe, needed accessories, and an installation manual with illustrations.

Make your yard beautiful, improve your short game, and entertain the family with our top-notch modular DIY outdoor putting green kit in Arkansas.

How Can You Build A Backyard Putting Green?

If you have a DIY backyard putting green kit in Arkansas and want to install it in your backyard, you can follow the below instructions to install the artificial grass by yourself, here’s a quick guide:

1. Pick a location and size. For example, you can use a single hole in a small backyard or go with a large putting green surface in extensive gardens. 

2. Mark the area and once you do it, take the sod out within its limits before picking up all the debris.

3. Excavate the zone. You can use a weedicide and put a landscape fabric to not let it grow any further.

4. Place the cups and start digging small trenches to drain rainwater.

5. Design the base. To level, the ground, equally distribute crushed stone and roll it with a lawn roller. Make cup holes with a shovel after removing the stone.

6. Pre-shrink the surface. Just use these instructions when it is required, but please remember that this step will take at least a day.

7. Position the turf. You can cut it as needed with a utility knife. To keep the putting green in place, use grass pegs or landscaping staples.

8. Set a boundary. A retaining wall is the easiest to install.

If you’ve made up your mind to purchase any of our quality DIY putting green kits in Arkansas? You can visit our official website and choose from our best ones.