"Backyard Turfs" Putting Green / Fairway / Lawn / Pets

Pros: Minimal labor / putts true / DIY friendly
Cons: No long game practice / Does not look like real grass.

Backyard Putting Green Turf
"1st Cut", Golf Green / Lawn / Pet / Playground Turf
"2nd Cut" / Fairway, Golf Green / Lawn Turf

"Master Turfs" Putting Green / Fairway / Lawn

Pros: Great for long and short game matching that of a USGA (United States Golf Association) natural turf green.
Cons: Not DIY friendly / More Labor and Logistic / Few Experts in the Field

Master putting green turf installations are NOT d-i-y friendly. When professionally installed, you will not believe it’s fake grass. Will check up properly and receive shots from 200 yards while putting speeds can be adjusted. Maintenance required to keep the most realistic reaction to a golf ball. 25 year life. Special tools needed. These golf greens react to a golf ball like a USGA (United States Golf Association) Spec green built with real grass. Requires 8 pounds of round washed silica sand infill on top of turf. Sand must be installed 2 pounds at a time and power broomed at intervals. Installing the sand too quickly can trap fibers and leave you with poor aesthetics and untrue ball roll while putting. When sand infill is complete, the Master Putting Turf has to be rolled with a weighted roller (minimum – ½ ton).

Passion, devotion, strong will, and heavy attention to detail.

Master Putting Green Pad
Maste Putting Green Turf
Master "1rst Cut'" Fringe For Putting Green / Lawn / Pet
Master "2nd Cut" / Fairway Turf / Lawns