Artificial Grass for Pets

Pet Systems

Putting Green Turf is uninhabitable for tics, fleas and other insects so pets are kept safe.

With a Putting Green pet system, not only will your yard be cleaner for your pets, but your pets will also be cleaner for your house. Mud and debris will no longer be tracked in from outside, no matter what the weather is like. High-traffic Putting Green grasses are resistant to even the biggest, toughest dogs, and there will be no more bare or worn patches from pets playing. Putting Green is uninhabitable for tics, fleas and other insects so pets are kept safe. Putting Green has also developed a pet friendly artificial grass called Paw Pro which is specifically designed for pets.

To create an area that will be enjoyed by you and your pets on a regular basis, we recommend looking into one of our shaped yarn grass products. The durability of our artificial grass makes using fake grass in high-traffic areas a the sensible choice. Our products will not fade or stain, have superior drainage and are completely non-absorbent.

Through decades of hands on experience, the Putting Green product line was designed and created to blend into Canadian landscapes. Our products showcase some of today’s most innovative blades and come in several styles and tones. We are proud to say that pets love Putting Green grass as much as their owners do.

Selkirk Elite

Treat you, your family and your house to Putting Green best-in-class series of artificial grasses. The Selkirk Elite is Putting Green most luxurious grass and is guaranteed to enhance any space it is put in. Not only does this grass look great, it is also one of the toughest grasses available. Selkirk Elite uses FIFA quality Waveblade technology in a light and bright colourway. Selkirk Elite has a one-of-a-kind wave-like structure that allows its grass blades to stand up straight despite heavy traffic or long-term compression. grass: the Selkirk Elite.


Revitalize your property with one of Putting Green most stunning and realistic artificial grasses. Putting Green Classic offers an exceptional blend of natural field green and lime green colours that are guaranteed to enhance even the most mundane corners of your property. To make things even better, the Classic comes with a flat, light-weight design offering the best of both worlds – a high-end aesthetic and a low-cost product.


Perfect for the garden friendly home with a natural appeal; the Sierra Pacific blends authentic olive and field greens with a warm dry yellow and forest green thatch. The Sierra Pacific is one of the most inviting grasses in the Putting Green product line-up and it flows exceptionally well when installed on full garden properties.


Elite Play is our ONLY grass that can be installed with or without an infill. The TwistBlades create their own support layer underfoot and allow the grass to move in all directions without becoming matted down like traditional artificial grass.

Elite Play features our innovative TwistBlade technology, created with advanced yarn extrusion technology. With the first truly non-directional blade in the industry, Putting Green is able to offer next-level performance for playgrounds and sports applications alike.


Looking for that artificial turf with a natural texture that is ideal for the nature lover and garden enthusiast. The Sierra Pacific – Lite blends authentic olive and field greens with a warm dry yellow and forest green thatch. Installing Sierra Pacific – Lite will allow you to focus more time in your gardens where you’ll see the true beauty and colours accent your home.


If softness is on your mind, Coastal Pro may be the grass for you. Designed with Putting Green ultra Soft S-blade technology, Coastal Pro offers one of the softest artificial grass products available. With a blend of authentic olive and forest green blades as well as a warm, dry yellow and fern green thatch; Coastal Pro blends beautifully in any landscape that it is installed in.